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LA adds unpermitted dwelling unit ("udu") law

"Want to legalize your garage, guest house, or recreation room to comply with the new Los Angeles UDU Law (Unpermitted Dwelling Unit Law)?”

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If you’ve come to this page, I imagine you know that on May 17, 2017, LA City Ordinance 184.907 became effective for an Unpermitted Dwelling Unit (“UDU”)

On May 17, 2017, LA City Ordinance 184,907 became effective for an Unpermitted Dwelling Unit (“UDU”).  

The unit(s) to be legalized had to have been occupied as a residential unit at any time between December 11, 2010, and December 10, 2015. 

The ordinance sets up a program which is entirely voluntary and it allows property owners to legalize unpermitted units, assuming all life-safety conditions are met.

In exchange for providing at least one low or moderate income affordable housing unit for each legalized unit (such as a Guest Room or Basement unit), the city will waive up to three (3) zoning requirements, (most owners will use this for parking and setbacks plus anything else that is needed. 

The biggest drawback is that an owner must covenant (promise) to provide the affordable housing unit for 55 years.

The new unit(s) would have to meet all current building codes. the affordable housing rents are much higher than one would expect - usually 3 to 3 times higher! 

It would also boost the overall value of the property should an owner ever choose to refinance or sell.

City Council members and the mayor hope that "[b]uildings zoned as multiple family, including apartments and duplexes, will now be be brought to code while ensuring health and safety requirements, adding to our housing stock.

We are in a housing crisis and need to use every tool within reach to increase our affordable housing supply" according to city councilman Gil Cedillo.

The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID), the agency in charge of multiple units in the city, is currently working to develop a program that would defer some of their code enforcement proceedings, to allow landlord to bring their unpermitted units into compliance.

Unfortunately, the reality is likely to be quite different than the city leaders planned, as the law is so burdensome to an owner that it is unlikely to persuade many to utilize the new law as the new unit(s) on site may never pencil out.

Only time will tell.  The best thing you can do is . . .

Call me, Andy Baker,

for a free 25-minute

The New LA UDU Law and You, Phone Session

Where we meet on the phone, look at the new laws and its application by local cities and counties to see if it will work for your property and clarify:
1. What the new law means
2. How is it applied (per structure – garage conversion, guest house or addition to the main house)
3. Issues that arise
4. Can you trust what city personnel say about the new law?
5. And the best options for you to comply and legalize
I’ll answer all your questions and when we're done, if you want, I can show you a couple of ways I can help.

By the end of the call, you'll:
1. Know what the truth is
2. Feel more relaxed about your situation
3. And have a much better idea of the legal and practical next steps you need to take to resolve your problem.
After working on over 300 code compliance cases in the past 8 years in cities and counties all over Southern California, I’m familiar with how the system works, what the codes actually mean in legal and practical terms, and how they are interpreted by different agencies, inspectors, city attorneys and district attorneys
Something most architects, contractors and builders are clueless about because they don’t have to deal with them every day.
And like I said earlier, this is a Legal Issue, not a construction issue.

Put all this together and it means your Free Discovery Phone Session is a good place to start.
If you’d like one…

Here are two ways to schedule your

Free, 25-Minute Phone Session

1. Call me, Andy Baker, now at 818-620-6023

I answer my own phone. If you get the voicemail just leave your name number, what city your property is in, and a brief message of what you're calling about, a good time to call you back and I will call you back.

2. You can also reach me by email at:

In your email please tell me your name, a little bit about you situation and I will write back to you.

Here's what a few clients say about my help

"After receiving a letter from the Housing Dept, I was in a panic! i envisioned all the worst scenarios. Andy quickly calmed me down and together we worked out solutions. He was so knowledgeable and calm, he was just a pleasure to work with. My experience with Andy was excellent."
- Ray B., Duplex Property Owner, Los Angeles, CA (last name withheld by request)

“I have hired Andy Baker twice to help me concerning my Accessory Building. I am happy to report that I now have a legal ADU [Accessory Dwelling Unit] because of Andy’s help! Very pleased. Will use his services again for the lease agreement now that the legal process is completed. I highly recommend his services. His information has been completely accurate and helpful to me.”
- Pam Teeguarden, Homeowner, Cheviot Hills, CA

"Andy handled a construction defect problem for me, avoiding litigation by skillfully negotiating a settlement. He explained all the details to my wife and I, greatly easing our stress. Andy wisely included a liquidated damages clause, and we collected damages that exceeded the actual cost of the repair! Anyone seeking personalized attention and professional legal representation would do well by Andy Baker."
- Donald Holcombe, Homeowner Sylmar, CA

"Andy provided detailed and personalized attention to our legal matter. With his legal advice and opinion he was able to turn our city government into retracting their initial order to demolish an accessory structure on our property.. We had gotten nowhere in 6 months. It only took Mr. Baker 2 weeks to get our city to respond. We commend Mr. Baker for his professionalism and look forward to recommending him to other residents in our city."
- Sandra Gonzalez, Homeowner, Paramount, CA

I look forward to helping you get some clarity and peace of mind about your situation,

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I help people legalize their homes and apartment investments, and avoid costly consequences.

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