Help for Illegal L. A. Conversions, Construction & Real Estate Problems

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"When I was first cited for having illegal construction, I didn't know what to do.  Fortunately, I was referred to Andy Baker. Andy is very knowledgeable, helpful, and I have enjoyed working with him.  I realize that in LA, you really need a good real estate attorney, and that describes Andy Baker."
- Susanna K-B, Property Owner
Los Angeles, CA

“[Andy] provided personalized attention to all matter of concern to us in removing my property from the [LA Housing Department’s Rent Escrow Account Program] REAP.  I want to thank you again for your excellent job.  I am sure this was not possible without you."
- Kam A, Apartment Owner, Woodland Hills, CA

When I was first cited for having an illegally constructed unit, I was very confused as what I needed to do. Andy was very helpful in dealing with the city and helping me navigate through all the red tape. Andy is insightful, sharp and easy to work with.

- Antonio S., Multi-unit Property Owner, Los Angeles, CA

I find Andy Baker to be honest, ethical, and knowledgeable - a rare find.
- Bryan Morrell,
Construction Consultant
Santa Rose, CA

"I have relied on Andy Baker for legal advice, mostly on real estate matters. He returns phone calls promptly, which can't be said about very many lawyers!   I have referred friends to Andy who have also been very happy with his services. I highly recommend him.
- Lynn B. Feldman,
Attorney (licensed in California) and Law Professor
Las Vegas, NV
“I have hired Andy Baker twice to help me concerning my Accessory Building.  I am happy to report I am now in the process of getting my unit permitted as an ADU [Accessory Dwelling Unit] because of Andy’s help!  Very pleased.  Will use his services again for lease agreement once current process is completed.  I highly recommend his services.  His information has been completely accurate and helpful to me.”
- Pam T
Homeowner, Cheviot Hills, CA

“The most helpful idea I got from Andy Baker was to only deal with the City Attorney’s office and NOT the unorganized city departments.  Using his level of sophistication Andy immediately elevated our discussions with intelligent individuals handling the outcome." - Mark B,, Multiple Family Residence Owner, Mid-Wilshire, CA

"I have been working in real estate for over 30 years, and have been relying on Andy Baker's advice for half that time.  He is very thorough, responds quickly, and keeps my stress down!"
- Ron Lepp, Property Manager
Beverly Hills, CA

"I've known and worked with Andy Baker for years.  He is always prepared, and has the uncanny ability to see problems before they develop.  I always consult with Andy before I make a major  business decision and through the years he has saved me a bundle.
- Dan Cervenak, Daniel J Construction Consulting Services
Rancho Cascades, CA

"Andy's assistance goes far beyond just giving us great legal advice.  He's always ready to help us on any issue, and as quickly as we need him.  Andy's now more than our lawyer.  He's our friend."
- Dana & Terri Klaft
Real Estate Investments
Nipomo, CA

"Andy recently handled a construction defect problem for me, avoiding litigation by skillfully negotiating a settlement.  He explained all the details to my wife and I, greatly easing our stress.  Andy wisely included a liquidated damages clause, and we are collecting damages that exceed the actual cost of the repair!  Anyone seeking personalized attention and professional legal representation would do well by Andy Baker.
- Donald Holcombe
Sylmar, CA

“Andy provided me with all the legal information to get my guest house in full compliance with Building & Safety [and] legal issues will be avoided in the future.  He also helped me evict a problem tenant from a guest house.  He handed the distribution of relocation assistance funds through his escrow account to the tenant.  He also handled the LA Housing Department.  He kept me informed of my legal rights and accomplished all of his fiduciary duties with the highest level of care throughout the process.  Andy knows the eviction laws and the building codes inside and out.  I highly recommend Andy Baker and his services.”
- Nicholas Martinez
Homeowner, Van Nuys, CA

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